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Democratic Republic of the Congo: VOM Supports Orphans of Martyrs

VOM is supporting four children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) whose missionary parents were killed by Muslim extremists. On the night of Oct. 16, 2014, Islamists attacked Cadeau and a neighboring village in the DRC, killing the missionaries and 11 members of their church. The missionaries, Kanyamanda and Odette, were sent by a Congolese denomination to plant a church in the remote Pygmy village of Cadeau. But that October night, extremists intent on establishing an Islamic government in the region came to the missionaries’ home, dragged them from their bed and killed them with machetes. The Islamists also killed the village chief and 15 others, mostly church members. Those who survived the attack continue to mourn the loss of their pastor and his wife as well as the others who died.

Pray for these orphaned children and the other Christians in Cadeau.

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