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EGYPT: Sudanese Refugees Flee to Egypt

More than a million Sudanese refugees have fled to neighbouring countries since fighting erupted in Khartoum on 15 April 2023. Egyptian authorities report that nearly 300,000 Sudanese have arrived in Egypt since the fighting began, significantly adding to the more than 4 million Sudanese who had fled there during previous wars seeking safety and improved economic opportunity. “The task for those serving Sudanese refugees has exploded,” said a Front-line Worker. Many of the Sudanese fleeing the current war between two radical Islamic generals have become disillusioned with Islam, presenting an opportunity for Christians to bring comfort and the Good News of Christ to people who have lost everything.

  • Praise God that He can use any bad thing to bring people to Him.

  • Pray for these refugees to realise their need for Christ and to not get disheartened.

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