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Ethiopia: Christian Man Loses Livelihood in Riot Attack

Alimayu grew up in in a Christian home in the northern part of Ethiopia. As a young man, he placed his faith in Christ and became an active member of a local church. He is married with two children, and he runs a small café in Shashemane. In July, youth mobs destroyed Alimayu's business in riots that targeted the homes and businesses of non-indigenous people and Christians. Alimayu's café was severely damaged, and all of his property was destroyed. "When the attack began, we hid to save my children's lives," he said. "Days later, I saw that all my property in the café was burnt down. I was very upset and frustrated." Alimayu has struggled to make ends meet since the attack, but the support he's received from VOM and from his local church has helped him to not lose hope. "My pastor's prayers and counsel supported my heart. I began to trust in God," he said. "With the money I was given, I was able to pay for food and rent."

Pray that Alimayu's livelihood will be restored and that his needs will be met.

Pray that his faith remains firm amid his ongoing trials.

Pray that others needs will be met in the same way.

Pray for the salvation of the people who burnt down Alimayu's café.

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