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Ethiopia: Finding a Good Heart

When a local Islamic leader saw a Christian helping people from different tribal and religious groups, he experienced Jesus’ transformational power. Sheikh Adam saw a VOM-supported front-line worker serving people from both evangelical and Orthodox churches in a Muslim-majority region, and he wondered why. The front-line worker told him, “This is what we’ve learned from Christ and the Bible.” Sheik Adam wanted that same kind of “good heart,” so he committed his life to Jesus. He invited the evangelist to his home to share, and twelve others also gave their lives to Christ. Today, the evangelist continues to visit this new house fellowship to teach them more about their new faith.

Pray for the members of the new fellowship.

Pray for the front-line worker working with these new Believers.

Pray that great work will be done through the lives of these Ethiopians.

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Salvation Evangelism is a life-style... not just a program for periodical exercise; NOTE: Conversion of a Soul or Souls is exclusively the work of THE HOLY SPIRIT; Whether there is conversion of Souls or not, Christian Believers must keep manifesting THE VIRTUES OF SALT AND LIGHT in every Community of fellow Human Beings. [Matthew 5:13>14] Prophet Jeremiah delivered messages of repentance and Spiritual Transformation in the land of Israel for 40 years... Not a single Soul responded positively. But Prophet Jeremiah is considered among the greatest Prophets in History. THE GOSPEL MINISTRIES IS ABOUT FAITHFULNESS TO THE LORD IN WHATEVER GIVEN ASSIGNMENT... And not just rhetorical eloquence in Homiletical, Hermenuetical and Exegetical prowess. [1 Corinthians 4:1>2]

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