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ETHIOPIA: Former Muslim Sheikh Sells Pineapples for Christ

Abdu grew up wanting to be an Islamic scholar, so he attended schools focusing solely on the Quran. After studying the Quran for 15 years, he became an Islamic teacher. But in 2022, he met an old friend who had become a follower of Christ. The friend shared the gospel with Abdu on numerous occasions, and Abdu began to question his beliefs. Eventually, Abdu put his faith in Christ. The local Islamic leaders eventually discovered that he and his wife had become Christians, and they immediately fired him. Abdu lost his income and his home and was not allowed to rent a house in the area. He had no training or skills to help him get a job in the secular marketplace. Christian friends connected him with VOM, who helped him launch a micro-business selling pineapples. Abdu often uses his new job to tell others about Christ, saying, “Jesus is as sweet as a pineapple.”

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