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Ethiopia: Orthodox Extremists Burn Down Full Gospel Church

On March 10, a mob of several hundred Ethiopian Orthodox extremists assaulted three men at the Enewari Full Gospel Church and burned all buildings on the property. After destroying the church, the mob confronted evangelical believers at their homes and told them they would kill them if they left their houses. The Enewari Full Gospel Church is located in northern Ethiopia, where there is a strong Ethiopian Orthodox Church population. The Full Gospel Church had hosted a well-attended medical mission in March to serve the community, which greatly angered some of the extremists. When asked to intervene, authorities told the evangelicals that they should not have been preaching the gospel.

Pray for the recovery of the three injured believers.

Pray that other Christians in the area will maintain a bold witness in the city.

Pray that the extremists will come to repentance in Christ.

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