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Ethiopia: Pastor Martyred While Preaching

A man enraged with a pastor went to the pastor’s church and stabbed him just as he began his sermon. Pastor Aklilu of Hossana, Ethiopia had been intentional about sharing the Gospel in his community. He often went home to home and shared on the streets with anyone willing to listen. A member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church did not like that Pastor Aklilu shared about Jesus’ death, resurrection and the forgiveness of sins with members of the Orthodox Church, so the man began a campaign against the pastor, often insulting him publicly. When the man came into the service at Aklilu’s church, he sat in front. As Aklilu began to preach, the man rushed the stage and stabbed the pastor in his left kidney. Aklilu passed away before medical attention arrived.

Pray for his wife and children.

Pray for others trying to preach the Gospel in Ethiopia.

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