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Ethiopia: Priests Provoke, Then Attack Evangelicals

When five families came to faith in a small village, they became at odds with the rest of their community. Shango became a believer in 2002. Through his faithful witness, he led four other families to faith in Jesus, and they worshipped at his house. In that area, evangelical Christianity is regarded as anti-Ethiopian Orthodox, and the evangelical believers were discriminated against in community life and frequently had their livestock stolen. Recently, Orthodox priests asked the believers to participate in a feast in the name of a dead person, knowing evangelical believers do not participate in such ceremonies. When they declined, the priests levied heavy fines. When the believers appealed to the government, the government fined the priests for acting illegally. In outrage, the priests incited their followers to burn down the homes and businesses of the evangelicals. On 6 June, five families lost their homes and provisions. A local church planter was threatened with death if he did not leave the area.

Pray the faithful actions of the evangelical believers will be seen by their neighbours and will give testimony to their persecutors.

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