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HAITI: 17 Missionaries kidnapped, ages 8 months to 48 years old.

Haiti has had a rise in kidnappings this year. Haiti reports 628 kidnapping since January. Most of the kidnappings have not been specifically religion based, however on 16 October 2021, a group of 17 Missionaries (from Christian Aid Ministries) were abducted by the 400 Mawozo gang. This was done as they were leaving an orphanage. They are being held ransom for $17 million.

Their ages range form 8 months old to 48 years old.

Since then, Haitians have taken to the streets to protest these kidnappings. They see the great work the Missionaries have been doing.

While Haiti is not considered a persecuted country, these Missionaries are going through persecution greater than we could ever imagine. Pray with us.

  • Pray that God will comfort and sustain the Missionaries.

  • Pray that they will be released without the ransom.

  • Pray that the gangs of Haiti will come to know Christ.

  • Pray that the government would clamp down on this kind of behaviour.

Source: The Christian Post, Religion Unplugged

Post your prayer in the comments.

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