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INDIA: Christian Girl Dies After Intentional Crash

Lavanya’s whole family came to faith in Christ after she was miraculously healed from paralysis and other disabilities she had struggled with since birth. She loved to travel with her father, Prakash, when he would share the Gospel with others. Prakash was warned by Hindu radicals to stop his evangelistic outreach. On 16 January 2023, while Prakash and Lavanya were travelling home via bike from a neighbouring village, some who had threatened Prakash followed them in a vehicle and caused the bike to crash, seriously injuring father and daughter. Months later, Lavanya, age 8, died from her injuries. The community has been greatly affected by this, and Front-line Workers report that many villagers have come to the church to repent and hear the Gospel.

  • Praise the Lord for the souls that have come to Christ because of Lavanya and Prakash.

  • Pray for Lavanya's family as they mourn her loss.

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