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INDIA: Father and Young Daughter Injured in Hit-and-Run

Prakash, Sangeetha and their daughters, Lavanya (8) and Shalini (5), belong to a Hindu community in Karnataka State, India. Lavanya was born with severe disabilities, including paralysis, and no medical treatments helped. The family met a Christian pastor who shared the Gospel with them and prayed for the child. Lavanya began to recover and was eventually able to walk; then, the whole family came to Christ. Prakash shared their testimony in the village, and they started prayer meetings in their house. Early in 2023, the Hindu radicals of the village warned Prakash not to share the Gospel. On 16 January, while Prakash and Lavanya were traveling home on a bike from a neighbouring village, some who had threatened Prakash followed them in a vehicle and rammed the bike; both Prakash and Lavanya were seriously injured.

  • Pray for their healing and for them to rely on God for strength in this difficult time.

  • Pray for the men who rammed into them to come to repentance.

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