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INDIA: Pastor Harassed and Imprisoned over Conversion Claims

Since 2020, Pastor Santosh has been harassed and pressured by members of the Hindu nationalist group RSS. His church has been vandalized, he has been threatened and struck, and the group has repeatedly pressured the police to file charges against him for conversion of Hindus. In October 2022, he was jailed for a month without bail. “When a person goes to jail, he breaks,” Santosh said. “I felt broken, too. After coming out of jail, I was petrified. I did not go [to] any place for months. I was afraid about what next I would see. People in the streets would hatefully see me as if I was a criminal.” In the aftermath of his arrest, Santosh’s church has not been able to reopen, but he continues to visit congregants at home to pray with and encourage them. His case is still pending.

  • Pray for a just resolution and that he will experience God’s provision.

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