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India: Pregnant Mother Beaten, Loses Baby

Radical Hindus recently attacked Christians in India, beating several church members, including a pastor, and killing an unborn baby. One extremist assaulted Lila Bhai, who was eight months pregnant with her second child. The man kicked her stomach, leaving her writhing in pain. After the attackers left, Lila was taken to the hospital. Her unborn boy, however, did not survive the attack. Members of the church and the pastor went to the police station to report the killing, but the officers would not hear their case. A lawyer has since been appointed to pursue the case in court.

Pray for Lila’s continued physical healing and for her and her family’s ongoing spiritual and emotional healing.

Pray for Lila as a mother, who cares for her young handicapped daughter.

Pray that the attackers are brought to justice and hear the gospel during the process.

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