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INDIA: Two Men Attacked at Water Pump

A Christian father and his adult son were attacked by villagers while pumping water in Rajasthan state. The two men went to the village water pump one evening for their nightly needs. A group of villagers were near the pump partying and drinking. They began yelling at the Christian men, saying, “You are Christians and have no right to have water!” One of the villagers then punched the adult son. He and his father managed to run home, but Hindu radicals and other villagers joined the drunks and attacked the Believers’ house with sticks, stones and axes. The family was able to escape the house with minor injuries, but the water lines, water tank, pump and bicycles were damaged or stolen. The family’s pastor lodged a complaint with police against 26 of the attackers, who in return filed a counter complaint.

  • Pray for this family who continue to face threats in their village.

  • Pray for the men who attacked them.

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