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INDIA: Woman Shot by Brother-in-Law for Refusing to Renounce Faith

Mamta Devi has faithfully followed Jesus for three years. Since her conversion, she has faced opposition from her family members and neighbours. She lives with her husband and his parents and brothers. On 2 August, her brother-in-law started arguing with her about her faith, telling her to give up her faith in Jesus. She told him that she will not leave Jesus, no matter what may happen. Her brother-in-law fired a gun, intending to kill her, but she dodged so that the bullet only grazed her forehead. She was taken to the hospital to receive stitches for the wound.

  • Pray for Mamta to remain strong in her faith and to heal from her wound.

  • Pray that her brother-in-law will see her faithful witness and come to Christ.

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