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INDONESIA: Family's Home Burned Down by Muslim Villagers

Gabriel and Noni were the only Christians in their Muslim village. One day, a Muslim woman died unexpectedly, and her two sons consulted a witchdoctor to figure out why she died. He told them that the Christians were responsible for her death as they had a magic object that gave them power. The two men then visited Gabriel and Noni’s house in the middle of the night to find the object. As the men tried to break into the house, one of Gabriel and Noni’s sons was hit in the head and began bleeding. Noni took him to the hospital while Gabriel and their other children fled to the police station. The Muslim men then burned their house down.

  • Pray for Gabriel and Noni’s family as they rebuild their lives in a new village.

  • Pray that they are healed from the trauma they’ve experienced and that their faith will grow stronger.

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