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INDONESIA: Sharing the Gospel on the Front-lines

For more than two decades, a mission training school has been holding classes in evangelism and church planting.

Through the work of the graduates, many churches have been planted. This year, 20 students are enrolled to take part. These students are from various places in Indonesia including Medan, West Kalimantan, Mentawai Island, Jakarta and Tanjuang Pinang. The classes run until October each year; then these graduates are encouraged to put into practice all they have learned as they travel to unreached areas – whenever the Lord leads – to share the Gospel.

They do so at considerable risk. It’s illegal to evangelise in Indonesia and in some areas, Christians who actively share their faith face persecution from radical Muslims, local governments and the community.

A few weeks ago, Nur, a graduate of the mission training school faced opposition for his Gospel work. He had set up a house church and a children’s ministry. A Muslim neighbour from next door arrived at the house church without warning and began angrily abusing Nur. He then threw a knife at him. Thankfully, no one was hit.

Recently, the perpetrator visited the church again. This time he apologised to Nur and explained that he had been provoked by the local Muslim community who had been angered by the activities of Nur and other evangelists in the area.

Nur showed friendship to the man and invited him to send his children to the ministry, and the Muslim man willingly agreed. In a short time, the children’s ministry has had a valuable and positive effect on the man’s children, for which he is grateful.

Nur and other local Believers have been spending time with the neighbour and are hoping he will soon be open to committing his life to Christ.

  • Pray for the current students, staff and lecturers. Pray that the intense time of learning will be used by God for the expansion of His kingdom.

  • Pray for the protection of both the school and the graduates on the field; that they would be granted the courage to stand firm and do the work that God has called them to.

  • Pray for Nur as he ministers to his new friend. Pray the seeds sown in this man’s life will bear much fruit.

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