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Indonesia: Suicide Bombers Attack Church, Injure 19

Suicide bombers attacked the Hati Yesus Maha Kudus church in Makassar as its Palm Sunday service ended on the morning of Sunday, March 28. An Islamic extremist couple on a motorcycle attempted to enter the front gate of the church parking lot. A security guard stopped them just before the bomb exploded. Fortunately, because of coronavirus protocols, relatively few worshipers had gathered that morning. Nineteen church members were injured in the blast, and no deaths were reported. The security guard miraculously survived with burns to the front of his body.

Pray for those injured in the blast to experience complete healing.

Pray for the church to remain strong in the coming weeks and to display love over fear.

Pray for those who sympathise with the bombers to be confronted with the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

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