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IRAN: Christian Wounded, Churches Unable to Meet Amid Civil Unrest

Protests erupted across Iran following the recent death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody.

The Iranian government has responded to the demonstrations with force and brutality. When soldiers shot at a group of protesters and hit a passing bus, an Iranian Christian brother was wounded. He was then hospitalized and released.

In addition to the force and brutality, the government has shut down the Internet in some areas. One Iranian minister who conducts online services from outside the country says, “I haven’t been able to contact two of my congregations for weeks."

Christians ask for prayers that their churches can function during this time of civil disobedience that one Front-Line Worker described as “like nothing we have seen before.”

  • Pray for the Believers affected by the brutality and the lack of internet connection. Pray for them to continue to be faithful witnesses to those around them.

  • Pray that the civil unrest in the country will die down and that religious freedom will be allowed for Christians.

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