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Iran: Court Removes "Muslim" Toddler from Christian Parents

An Iranian court has taken a “Muslim” child out of the home of the Christian couple who adopted her. Sam and Maryam adopted Lydia from a local orphanage in the city of Bushehr when she was three months old. Lydia has significant health issues, including a heart defect and digestive problems. Six months after the couple adopted her, intelligence agents arrested Sam and Maryam in their home. They were released on bail and charged with “propaganda against the regime.” Sam was given a one-year prison sentence, and Maryam was barred from working as a nurse in government-run hospitals. Eighteen months after Lydia’s adoption, a court determined she was not eligible for adoption by the Christian couple since she was born a Muslim. The court noted that if Lydia were returned to the orphanage, “there is zero possibility of giving her away to another family” since, as a nurse, her mother was uniquely equipped to provide care for her. Heartbroken, her parents appealed, but in September 2020, a court upheld the decision. The couple is now waiting to hear if the court will order them to return Lydia to the orphanage, and they request prayer during this deeply distressing time.

Pray for a miracle so they are allowed to keep their child.

Pray that God will comfort their hearts in whatever decision is made.

Pray that the court will be compassionate and lenient in this case.

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The real issue here is the prevailing adoption Law in Iran; While prayer is important, and while Christian Believers must keep praying as needs arises, also keep in mind that We must not be partisan in response or approach. Been a Christian Believer is not a license to be Law-less... Rather it's a call to responsibility to be Law-abiding Citizen.

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