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Iran: Firouzi Re-Arrested

Iranian Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi was summoned from internal exile in early February 2021 to a court hearing, after which he was re-arrested. Ebrahim had already spent nearly seven years in prison and was completing a three-year internal exile 1,000 miles from home. He was summoned to court to respond to accusations of propaganda against the Islamic Republic in favor of hostile groups. In September 2020, Ebrahim received an unexpected package at the post office that containted Bibles. The Ministry of Intelligence was watching his mail, and when Ebrahim went to collect his package, they were waiting. They accompanied him to his house, where they confiscated laptops, cell phones and theology textbooks without a warrant. They also wanted to confiscate the Bibles, but Ebrahim told them he had been officially recognized as a Christian by the judiciary, and that he had a right to keep the Bibles. Before his court appearance, Ebrahim said, “I ask Christians to pray not for my acquittal, but for the great name of God to be glorified.”

Pray for Ebrahim and that his witness will glorify God.

Pray for the Ministry of Intelligence and for others persecuting Christians around the country, for their salvation.

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