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IRAN: Illegal Bibles Change Lives in Iran

Owning, printing, importing or distributing Bibles in Iran is illegal. Since they are so difficult to obtain, Bibles are treasured by Iranian Believers, and few have their own copy of God’s Word. Despite the prohibitions and scarcity, Christians in Iran are working on placing copies of God’s Word into people’s hands. When they receive a shipment of Bibles, our Iranian brothers and sisters hand-deliver the Bibles to strangers. They knock on the doors of people they don’t know and give Bibles to anyone who will accept the gift, sometimes placing the Bibles in mailboxes. Front-Line Workers have shared numerous stories of Iranian Muslims who read the Bible for the first time after unexpectedly receiving one in their mailbox and later became followers of Christ.

  • Pray more Iranians will receive Bibles and become followers of Christ.

  • Pray for the Front-Line Workers to continue to find ways to get Bibles to people, and to stay safe doing it.

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