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IRAN: Kolbars Imprisoned and Killed for Converting

Kolbars are Kurds who live mostly along the Iranian border with Iraq. For generations, they have carried items over high mountain passes between the two nations. Their name means “those who carry loads on their back.” It is extremely dangerous work. Every year, kolbars are killed by freezing temperatures, from falling off precipitous heights or after being shot by Iranian border guards. Desperation and a lack of job opportunities drive many Iranian Kurds into this life-threatening career.

“They are a neglected people group,” said a Front-Line Worker. He described how Gospel workers in Iraq have been ministering to kolbars and have seen some come to know Christ as their Lord, only to be murdered by family members or imprisoned by border guards. “One woman was arrested and was ministering to other prisoners in Iran. But we haven’t heard from her in a long time and don’t know how she is doing,” the Front-Line Worker said.

  • Pray for the safety of this woman doing the Lord's Work, as well as the safety of kolbars in general.

  • Praise the Lord that kolbars are coming to know Christ through Gospel workers. Pray that this will continue to happen, despite the risks.

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