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IRAN: Sharing Jesus in the Stable

A Christian worker in Iran has distributed Bibles and Christian literature at the stables where his daughter takes horse-riding lessons. Though he questioned leaving the materials in a dirty stable, he felt led to evangelise there as he reflected on Christ's birth in a manger in a stable. Recently, the worker discovered an Afghan refugee, Abid, reading one of the Bibles left by the worker. The next day, the Christian began a conversation with Abid, learning more about Abid’s family and his life in Afghanistan. Eventually, their conversation turned to Christianity. Abid asked the worker if he had ever read the Bible, revealing that he had begun reading the Bible, and that Jesus had appeared to him several times in dreams. The Christian worker then told Abid he had put the Bible in the stable, and he continued to share the Gospel with Abid, who is very eager to know more about Jesus. “I want you to pray for me that God will give me wisdom while I’m walking with my dear brother during his journey and growing in his faith."

  • Pray for Abid to place his faith in Christ, and praise God for the worker’s faithful evangelism.

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