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Iran: Sowing Gospel Seeds Through Street Ministry

Economic conditions in Iran have led to extremely high inflation and increased unemployment. Many who have lost jobs and financial stability are living on the streets, and front-line workers have observed children foraging for food in trash bins in order to relieve their hunger. As a result, pastors and workers in the Iranian house church network have begun ministering to those on the streets. Through deliberate, intentional and careful efforts, these workers are providing for physical needs while also introducing the truth of the Gospel to homeless children. As the children demonstrate a spiritual hunger to know more, the Front-Line Workers provide Bibles so the children can clearly understand the Gospel and decide to follow Christ. Through this ministry, several children have expressed a desire to know more about Christ, and many others have responded favorably to the ministry efforts.

“Pray that this ministry will be fruitful in expanding the kingdom of God,” a Front-Line Worker said.

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