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Iran: The Book with All the Answers

A new Believer who has been scared to talk about her faith with her family walked in to a surprising sight: Her brother reading a Bible and her sister working on a crossword puzzle in a Christian magazine. Tala put her faith in Jesus nine months ago, but she was afraid to tell her family. However, a Christian worker secretly delivered a Bible and a Christian magazine to her family home, and her siblings were interested in the materials. “When I asked them how they were answering the crossword puzzle questions, they said, ‘This book [the Bible] has the answers to all the questions,’” she said. Tala called to ask for advice on how to start talking to her family. “Pray for them to find Jesus and that God will use me for that,” she said. Pray that other families inside Iran who are looking for answers about real love and a relationship with God will find them.

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