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Iran: Young Woman's Health Improves with Prayer

Nadia is a Christian who was concerned about her roommate's health. Her roommate had been involved in occult and voodoo practices, and she was experiencing anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Nadia shared her concerns with a few other Believers, and they began to pray for the roommate. Two ladies also agreed to visit Nadia and pray with her in her apartment. After they arrived, Nadia's roommate joined them in the living room. As they talked and prayed, her roommate wanted to know more because her feelings of anxiety and depression had lifted. The believers shared with her how praying to Christ had helped them many times, and the roommate asked them to pray for her. Later, she told Nadia that she slept better that night than she had in a long time, and since then they've begun studying Scripture together. "I am blessed seeing what God is doing to her," Nadia said.

Praise God for Nadia's witness to her roommate.

Pray that her roommate will trust Christ as she continues to study God's Word with Nadia.

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