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IRAQ: Christian Convert Rejected by Family, Struggles with Deteriorating Health

Youhanna's wife and children left him when he placed his faith in Christ several years ago. His extended family beat him severely many times because of his faith, and he was imprisoned in an attempt to force him to return to Islam. Eventually, he relocated from his area of Iraq to Iraqi Kurdistan to flee the hostility. As a result of sustained physical abuse, his long-term health is deteriorating, and he was recently diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder. He asks for prayer that God will "use him in encouraging brothers and sisters to unite as a church and care for the needy."

  • Pray also that he will be encouraged and strengthened in his faith amid his health struggles.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

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Nov 13, 2021

Amen. May God bless and encourage him, and strengthen his faith! May God touch him and grant him to testify even more boldly of the faith in Christ that he is professing, and in the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit of God that is working in us who are found in Christ Jesus. May God use what the enemy has meant for evil, and turn it around for good, and for His glory!

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