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ISRAEL: God at Work Amid the Horror of War

Front-Line Workers shared how God is moving in Israel, including Gaza and the West Bank, amid the conflict raging throughout the region. One Christian leader said, “Please pray for Believers inside of Gaza. As the conflict intensifies, and the possibilities of death increase, there is a growing intentionality to share the Gospel with friends and families. We have heard testimonies of those living in shelters because their homes have been damaged and are sharing boldly — and there seems to be an openness.” Another ministry leader reported that an Israeli soldier gave his life to the Lord and was baptized shortly before being called to active military service. There have also been reports of Christians from a Jewish background meeting with Christian Arabs and Palestinians. “These days, we must be a people of hope in the midst of so much hopelessness. And hope is only a wish if it is not hope in Christ,” a Front-Line Worker said. Pray for the salvation of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

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