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Israel: Messianic Jews Harassed by Ultra-Orthodox

Messianic Jews in the city of Arad have faced ongoing harassment from a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews, but they are thankful that their most recent interaction was more peaceful. A large population of ultra-Orthodox Jews lives in Arad, and groups often stand outside the Messianic meeting place to curse and insult those entering the building. A few months ago, members of an extremist Jewish group scouted the homes of Messianic congregation members, noting the license plates of their vehicles. In January, two ultra-Orthodox men visited the Messianic meeting place, taking photos of the inside of the building and of workers there. On Feb. 22, a small group of ultra-Orthodox gathered outside the Messianic meeting place before a service, but instead of cursing attendees they simply tried to dissuade them from attending. The Messianic Jews used the opportunity to pray for the men and explain that Jesus is their Messiah.

Pray that those harassing the Messianic Jews will come to faith in Jesus Christ.

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