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Kenya: Al-Shabaab threatens non-local Christians

On Monday, 23 February 2020, Al-Shabaab released an audio clip online, ordering all non-local Christians to leave three counties in northeastern Kenya. Sheikh Ali Dhere, the spokesman of Al-Shabaab, ordered Somali-Kenyans to evict all non-Muslims living or working the Garissa, Wajir and Mandera. He states that it is not fair to muslims who are unemployed and could be working in the positions of the Christians.

This comes at a time when many non-local teachers are already being transferred after 3 were killed in Garissa in January.

According to International Christian concern, 'Reverend Cosmas Mwinzi of the Assemblies of God in Garissa said, “This is not news at all because the conduct of the local people here has always suggested that they want us to leave. This region has been unstable for years due to war in Somalia and hatred against non-locals who are mostly Christians. The levels of education and infrastructure in the three counties are low and it is only through the expertise and hard work of the non-locals that the living standard of the Somali people in Kenya can improve. We have non-locals in all sectors, from health to education.”'

The Kenyan government has not yet responded to this online clip.

Source: International Christian Concern.

Pray for Christians in Northeastern Kenya, that their faith will be strengthened during this time and that they will be witnesses to those around them.

Pray that the government will do something about these attacks and that justice will reign.

Pray that Sheikh Ali Dhere and the other members of Al-Shabaab will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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