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KENYA: Islamists Burn Widow's Home a Second Time

Radical Islamic groups based in Somalia regularly attack Christians in Kenya who live near the border. Late in the evening of 2 January 2022, al-Shabab terrorists from Somalia broke into a house, pulled out a Kenyan father of four named Joseph and questioned him about his religion. When Joseph boldly declared that he was a Christian, they beheaded him. They then threatened his wife, Grace, and set the home ablaze. On 26 September 2023, terrorists returned to the village and destroyed Grace’s rebuilt home. They also killed her neighbour and burned five more homes. Grace and her children were away at the time, sleeping in a sewing workshop that VOM had provided for her. “This is what saved her life and the lives of her children,” said a Front-line Worker, who added that a local pastor’s life has also been threatened and that the situation in the town is tense due to lack of security.

  • Pray for the safety of Grace and her children, and for God to use them as bold witnesses.

  • Pray for the terrorists to accept Christ as their Saviour.

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