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LAOS: Christian's Land and Livelihood at Stake

Before Khamphone became a Christian, he was a respected fortuneteller. He often helped villagers, including village elders and police officers, by consulting the spirits, and for this, he was rewarded with a piece of land to farm. He hired 20 workers to help him prepare the land for rice season. In December 2022, Khamphone became a Christian. When this was discovered, the village leader told him he must recant his faith in Christ or lose his land. Khamphone has invested a great deal of money and effort into this land, but he does not want to renounce Christ. He said he has “put this burden in God’s hands.”

  • Pray for Khamphone that he will be able to keep his land despite his faith in Christ.

  • Pray that he will stay strong in the Lord if his land does get taken away and that God will provide a new place for him to stay.

  • Pray that the village leader will come to know Christ.

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