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LAOS: Former Soldier Sacrifices Pension and Remains Faithful

Phet (71) and his wife placed their trust in Christ in 2005. As a veteran of the Laotian army with more than 30 years of service, Phet is entitled to a government pension but was denied it. The commander said he would approve the pension if Phet would recant his faith. Phet answered, “My family and I, we already accepted Christ, and we could not turn back to worship the ghost spirits any longer.” His wife and children agreed, saying, “God, our Father, will take care of us.” Phet’s family experienced increasing persecution in their village, and the police took their family registration book, which holds important records such as birth and marriage certificates, educational records, and work permits. In 2010, they moved to live near a married daughter in another province. The loss of the pension has left the family impoverished, but they have experienced peace in trusting the Lord.

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