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LAOS: Police Pressure Families to Renounce Faith in Christ

During a public gathering on 15 February 2022, police ordered 10 families to renounce their Christian faith. When they refused, an officer singled out one of the Christians, a woman named Sri, and ordered her to sign a document stating that she had stopped following Jesus. After Sri refused to sign, the officer wrote her family members’ names on the document and forged her signature. He then told Sri that if she and her family continued to worship Jesus publicly, they would be arrested. Sri boldly told the officer that she wouldn’t abide by his orders, but she and some of the other Christians have lived in fear since the incident. Pray that Sri and the other Christians in her village will continue to grow in Christ, that they will be able to continue gathering for worship and that many other villagers will hear the Gospel and place their faith in Christ.

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