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Laos: Three Families Facing Jail Time for Following Jesus

On May 4, three families in one village accepted Christ, for a total of 13 new Believers. The three families, who are related, decided to follow Jesus after one of the relatives experienced a miraculous healing following prayer from a pastor. With 40 of the village’s 120 families already Christian, village police informed the leaders, fearing the whole village could become Christian. The men from each family were taken into custody and interrogated. Authorities told them if they continued following the foreign religion, they would have to obtain official documentation from a government office or be jailed. The families’ case is now with provincial authorities.

Pray that the families are able to obtain proper documentation without any further threats. Pray that their new faith is a testimony to their new life in Christ, and pray that their village will see other families come to know the Lord.

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