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Laos: Worship Continues in Spite of Persecution and Tight Conditions

Mr. Han came to Christ when he hit a dead end after many years of being sick. Neither the doctor nor the village witchdoctor could help him, even though he spent most of his money and killed much of his lifestock. He heard that Jesus could perform miracles, so he took his whole family to the Christian village to accept Christ. Then the persecution began. The first year, his village threatened to force his family from the village and treated him with extreme contempt. When that didn’t work, they seized his farmland and his rubber trees. But Han still didn’t give up his faith. Village officials then decided to charge Han an extra tax. Han was not discouraged; in fact, he challenged the authorities and continued to pray for the sick and share the Gospel with others. There are now 11 Christian families in the village worshipping at Han’s house, which is run-down due to the difficulties he has faced.

Pray that the Believers can refurbish the house so all the worshippers can fit and so they are not affected by bad weather.

Pray for Laos, as they are currently in a bad state spiritually.

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