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MAURITANIA: Christians Arrested and Threatened

In December 2023, Mauritanian authorities arrested a group of around 15 Christians after a video of them participating in a baptism was posted online. All of the arrested Christians were former Muslims. Mauritania is dominated by Islamist leadership, and conversion from Islam is illegal. “At first, no lawyer would defend them,” said a Front-Line Worker. “The officials tried to get them to apologise on social media for spreading the Gospel, to agree to never promote Christianity, and to return to Islam,” he added. All of the Christians were released late in December after agreeing to only hold Christian services inside their homes. “This is an answer to prayer,” said the Front-Line Worker.

  • Thank the Lord that these Christians are still able to meet, even if it is only privately.

  • Pray for the small Mauritanian Christian community to remain strong despite persecution.

  • Pray for more Bibles to be distributed in the restricted nation.

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