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MIDDLE EAST: Abused Teenager and Her Family Flee

In 2015, Zara (19 years old at the time) was abducted and horribly abused for several days by her kidnappers. Her entire Muslim family had become followers of Christ, and some Muslim extremists wanted to punish them. “They told her what they were doing was not a sin,” said a Front-line Worker, “but that it was their religious obligation because of her conversion to Christianity.” After her kidnappers released her, Zara and her family eventually fled to another country, but they continue to struggle. Now 27 years old, Zara receives trauma therapy but is still healing from her deep inner wounds. Additionally, her mother is fighting cancer, and her father is battling other health issues. The costs have caused several of Zara’s sisters to drop out of college to support their family.

  • Pray for Zara and her family to heal from their emotional wounds, and to stay strong in the Lord.

  • Pray that the Muslim Extremists in the Middle East would come to know Christ as their Saviour.

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