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MIDDLE EAST: Christian Mother and Daughter On the Run

Two Christian women, a mother and daughter, were forced to flee their home because of their Christian faith. Though raised as a Muslim in North Africa, the daughter came to faith in Christ. When her father, a Muslim extremist linked to Islamist groups within their country, discovered her newfound faith, he became furious, and he began to abuse her over a period of time. The daughter eventually had to be taken to the hospital because of the abuse. She and her mother escaped from the hospital and rented a small flat on their own. However, family members warned the pair that that the father had discovered their new location and was planning to kill them. When they learned of his plans, the mother and daughter fled to a country in the Arabian Peninsula with only the clothes they were wearing.

  • Pray for this mother and daughter to experience the peace of Christ as they start over in their new country.

  • Pray also that their Muslim family members come to faith in Christ, especially the father.

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