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Middle East: Extremists Threaten Pastor with Knives

A pastor and his family haven’t left their home for more than 30 days after receiving threats from extremists. The pastor serves in a difficult area of the Middle East and has lived under pressure for many years. Recently, an extremist group began sending threatening messages to his phone. Some of the messages contained video of the extremists holding large knives and making motions as though they were going to slit his throat. His persecutors also appeared at his front door one day with automatic weapons, but the pastor and his family weren’t there. After the attackers left, the family remained at home for a full month to avoid trouble. Local police have not been helpful. The VOM worker who spoke to them said, “His wife was a bit emotional when I asked her about how she was handling it with the kids, but they seem determined to stay there and love their neighbors.”

Pray for protection and comfort for this family.

Pray for the salvation of the extremists.

Pray that the Middle East will become safe for Christians.

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