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MOZAMBIQUE: Christians Remain at Risk

Since 2019, the Cabo Delgado region of Northern Mozambique has been the site of extremist Muslim attacks in which thousands have been killed and at least 100 000 displaced. The attackers are part of a group connected to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) that seeks to establish a region ruled by sharia law. Some of the deadliest attacks came in 2021 near a massive oil processing installation under construction, garnering worldwide media coverage. Since then, the region remains extremely dangerous for Christians. “When the terrorists raid a village, they ask villagers what religion they are,” said a Front-line Worker. “If they say ‘Christian,’ the terrorists usually behead them.” The Front-line Worker said he spoke with a widow who lost her husband and three sons in such an attack in August 2023. Few Christian ministries continue to operate in that dangerous region of Mozambique, and they request prayer.

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