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Mozambique: Ongoing conflict leaves 300 000 displaced

International Christian Concern writes, "The ongoing conflict in Northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado region has left more than 300,000 people displaced. According to the World Food Program these 300,000 people are in dire need of food, water and shelter. The terror group causing all of these problems is locally known as al-Shabab, but has no link to the Somali group of the same name. They are very likely affiliated with ISIS however, who has claimed some of the attacks and who has a group based out of the Democratic Republic of Congo."

The attacks on Christians in this area have been fairly small, but threaten to grow as ISIS is known for their anti-Christian motives.

Pray for the Christians in this area, that their faith will grow.

Pray for the safety of unbelievers and that their hearts will be turned to Christ.

Pray that the government will stand up for what is right and stop the attacks and persecution happening in Mozambique.

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PRAYER AND ACTION GOES TOGETHER: Before asking THE LORD TO DO SOMETHING, Make sure your part in the something has been done faithfully; The International Christian Concern must send delegates to discuss this matter with the Mozambique Government. Moses hands were lifted-up in Prayer, heavily assisted by faithful assistants... while the physical battle ranges-on with General Joshua and Comrades routing the enemies decisively.

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