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NEPAL: Abused Teen Finds Refuge, Hope

Tara Rai, 36, placed her trust in Jesus Christ in 2020, and she took her eldest daughter, Khushi, now 16, with her to church. Tara Rai’s husband then beat her because of her faith in Jesus and demanded that she give it up. She left for Dubai to work as a housekeeper, hoping to earn money to support her children on her own. Khushi continued going to church, taking her three younger sisters with her and leading them to faith in Christ. Her father grew even more cruel to her than he had been to her mother. Because of the continuous abuse, Khushi decided to leave home with her sisters. The girls are living with a Christian family and remain in contact with their mother. They do not have much and face great uncertainty, but Khushi expressed that they are happy in the Lord and hoping that one day God will open the heart of their father so that he will also know Jesus as his Savior.

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