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NEPAL: Believing Wife Beaten, Burned for Church Attendance

Gita has believed in Jesus since she was 11, but her parents gave her in marriage to a Hindu man 20 years her senior. She is an active member of a local church despite her husband’s opposition. Twice he has destroyed the Bibles given to her by the church, and he has beaten her many times for attending church. Earlier this year, he was so angry that he poured boiled lentil curry on her, burning her leg badly enough that she had to be hospitalized. The local church paid the medical expenses when her husband would not. On 8 August, Gita’s husband beat her badly, broke her phone, and destroyed her hymnbook when he could not find her Bible. She used a neighbour’s phone to inform the pastor of her situation, but since then she has been out of communication.

  • The pastor asks for prayer for Gita and her daughters, ages 7 and 5. Pray for them to remain strong in the Lord despite their extremely difficult circumstances.

  • Pray for her husband to realise his wrongdoings and to repent to the Lord.

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