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NEPAL: Elder Assaulted, Church Displaced Due to Hindu Opposition

A local church met on their leased property recently when an angry Hindu man interrupted, ordering the congregation to stop their Christian activities. He then dragged one of the elders out and hit him in the face with a fistful of mud. The elder, Purna Maharjan, informed the landowner of the incident, but the Hindu man pressured the landowner not to let the Christians use his land. After government officials became involved, the Hindu man demanded that the Christians should come silently, pray and then leave. He told them, “We don't want to hear them singing and praying. If we hear them singing, anything can happen, and we are not responsible.” Some Believers are scared to come to church now. Elder Purna and the congregation’s pastor have decided to move the church from that location and are now searching for land.

  • Pray for them to find a new property.

  • Pray for the Believers to stand strong in their faith and not be afraid of meeting together.

  • Pray for this angry man to come to know Christ's love and forgiveness.

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