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NEPAL: New Believer and Family Ostracised After Coming to Faith

Adarsh was born into a traditional Hindu family. As an adult, he began to suffer from ill-health. After much time with no relief from his symptoms, he was told by a friend to pray to Jesus as He could bring healing to Adarsh’s body. Encouraged by the prospect, Adarsh asked the Lord to come into his life as Lord and Saviour, soon after, he was completely healed. Once his relatives found out about Adarsh’s new faith, they became angry.

Adarsh, along with his wife and daughter were ostracised by his siblings and extended family. They no longer spoke to them, and he was no longer permitted to enter their homes. Sometime later, Adarsh’s mother died of cancer. Adarsh was not allowed by his family to act as a pallbearer, as is customary for the eldest son in Nepalese culture. Soon after, his father died, in this case, he was not even allowed to attend the funeral.

“I felt so much sadness and cried much. I feel like I am alone on the earth, but my faith in the Lord is growing day by day. Now I work as a labourer and life is hard for my family but even though our situation is difficult, our faith is strong.”

Source: VOM Contacts

  • Please thank the Lord for the way he has brought healing to Adarsh and faith to him and his family.

  • Ask God to continue to strengthen them and provide for them now that they no longer have support or even a relationship with the family.

  • Join with Adarsh in praying that his family may also know the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ.

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