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NEPAL: Saved from Fear, Rejected by Family

Deepa and her husband, Surya, were overwhelmed with fear when witch doctors predicted an early, unnatural death for Surya. When Deepa confessed her fear to her brother, a Christian, he shared the gospel and led Deepa and Surya to place their trust in Christ. Deepa and Surya shared a house with Surya’s parents and grandparents, who were devout Hindus. Their family pressured them to return to Hindu worship, and they recruited other villagers to increase pressure. Verbal attacks soon turned into physical attacks, and Deepa and Surya were eventually evicted by their family. Members of their local church responded by building a simple cottage nearby. The family survives by selling milk from one cow, and Surya has gone abroad to try to earn money. Deepa remains an active member of the church while caring for her 5-year-old son, Shreya.

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