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NEPAL: Sold into Slavery, Redeemed by Christ

At age 17, Soni was sold into slavery by her own aunt. She spent three decades as a prostitute in India before a Nepai Christian helped her escape. This woman shared the gospel with Soni, and Soni joyfully accepted the invitation of salvation through Christ who loves her. But once she returned home, her family did not accept her because she had been a prostitute who then became an “untouchable” by becoming a Christian. “Everybody rejected me; Jesus was the only one who loved me,” Soni said. Her family physically pushed her out of the home, causing Soni to fracture her leg. She is now being cared for by a church. “Please pray that God will provide all my needs and that all my family will come to know Jesus, so that one day they may also come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Soni said. “Because Jesus died not only for me, but also for them as well.”

  • Praise God for Soni’s faith, and pray that her request is fulfilled.

Post your prayer in the comments.

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