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NEPAL: Wife Abused, Threatened for Faith in Christ

Goma Kunwar was very sick, but medical doctors and witch doctors alike were baffled and could not heal her. Christians in her village prayed for her and God healed her. Her husband tried to dissuade her from going to church, but she wanted to attend out of gratitude for her healing. In 2022, she accepted Christ and was baptized. Goma’s husband began to treat her cruelly, physically and verbally abusing her and destroying the Bibles she was given in church. One day he beat her badly with a stick and then poured gasoline over her body, intending to burn her. She managed to escape before he lit the fire. Later, when Goma refused to wear a Hindu symbol for a festival, her husband tried to attack her with a sickle. Again, she ran to safety. Now, he is barring her attendance at church, keeping her from meeting Christians and monitoring all her communications.

  • Pray for God to protect Goma and that she will remain strong and be a faithful witness for Christ.

  • Pray that Goma's husband will come to know Christ and will let her freely worship God.

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